Tough Mudder Legion

Finishing a Tough Mudder takes your epicness to a whole new level. After completing your first Tough Mudder you’ll automatically be inducted into Tough Mudder Legion, a community of people who Get.Shit.Done. As a Legionnaire you’re considered a leader, and will do whatever it takes to get yourself, and others, to the finish line.

What do I get as a Legionnaire?

  1. An Exclusive Finisher Obstacle
  2. Legionnaire Headbands

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An Exclusive Finisher Obstacle:

Kong ain’t got sh*t on us. But it’ll have you hanging on for dear life. Kong, the newest Legionnaire finisher obstacle, isn’t for the faint of heart. Get ready to swing into awesome. Kong isn’t the only new obstacle, there will be more.

Option to Bypass Electroshock:

You proved you’ve got the balls to run through Electroshock Therapy. Feel free to skip it this time when you complete Kong and watch as your friends get zapped with 10,000 volts from a 20 foot vantage point.

Legionnaire Headbands:

Rack up bragging rights with the status symbol of Tough Mudder Legion. In addition to your orange headband, with each event day you complete, you’ll earn the next level headband representing the number of unique courses you’ve dominated. In 2016, we introduced two new headbands for 25x and 50x Mudders and had our first 100x Mudder cross the finish line.

Legionnaire Levels

After finishing your first Tough Mudder, and joining Tough Mudder Legion, the scale upon which you measure greatness changes. You’re now one step above the rest of the world. With every course you run, every person you help cross the finish line, every Legionnaire headband you collect, the deeper into this epic community you get.