2019 obstacles… SO FAR

TMNZ 2019 will be back with all the obstacles you know and love, and some new challenges you’ll need to get your heads around. If you’ve done this event before then get ready for something different. You thought getting from obstacle to obstacle was a simple jog or walk, well think again! In 2019 we are going to challenge your team-work skills so you’ll need to think outside the box. Want to know more, join our Mud News so you’re first in the know of what we have coming.

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Bale bonds

Hay, how are you? Work together to climb over a wall of fat stacks of hay bales. It’s farming time.

Berlin Walls

The OG of obstacles. Get a boost or a grab the hand of a fellow Mudder to get over the high wall… then pay back the favor for the next one over.

Blockness Monster

One of the greatest creatures of Tough Mudder. Two rotating blocks are between you and the finish of this obstacle.

Kiss of Mud 2.0

Kiss the mud to avoid the barbed wire above. It’s a personal challenge to crawl and make it through the thick mud.

Pyramid Scheme

Ever climbed a pyramid? Technique and teamwork are how the ancient Egyptians built them. You’ll need both to get to the top.

Mud Mile 2.0

It doesn’t get any better than the mud humps of Mud Mile. Up, Down, Up, Down, over one of the simplest but best parts of your day.


Wait is this Berlin Wall again? No, these walls are dangled in front of you and present a greater challenge. Time for some more teamwork.

Cage Crawl

Fear of water and cages? Eeep… only way out of this obstacle is on your back floating in water using the cage to pull you through.


Like Luke Skywalker crashing into Yoda’s Swap, the Quagmire is a sink pit that you’ll want to get out of as quick as possible.

Birth Canal

Not sure who remembers coming out, but you’ll remember this day where you went back into the Birth Canal.

Haha Ditch

Dig a Hole they said, put people in it they said, it will be funny they… We’ll it is cause for a lol with a big slide on the way down into HAHA Ditch.


Time to bust out of prison… Barbed wire, thick sludge, pipes and a drop into water, just like the movie.


Watch your step… level water hides what lies below. A fall or safe passage? Both are possible but which path will you choose through pitfalls?

Hold Your Wood

Nothing better than earning your finish line beer. BIG logs require team work to take them with you around this part of the course.

Arctic Enema – The Rebirth

A pool of iced water. Not much else needs to be said… we’ll have pallets of iceblocks being tipped in throughout the day to keep the water at a near freezing. You’re welcome 😉

Everest 2.0

No trip to Nepal required for this one. We bring Everest to you. You’ll need Courage, Teamwork & Resilience to get to the summit.


The legend of King Kong hanging off the Empire State Building is brought to life. Scared of heights? Make your way swinging from one tower to another.