TMNZ 2019 - 30th Nov & 1st Dec, Hampton Downs

Be a Badass Boss.

Make the executive decision to take team building to the most epic level imaginable. Rally the troops and start your team journey today. Nothing bonds a team quite like mud.

We are currently changing things up for the corporate packages in 2019. These packages will be ready in the next few weeks but if you are as toey as a Roman Sandal fill out this form and send us your details so can be first to find out more when details are finalised.

Check out this video for some motivation

Corporate Team Packages


Ready to get out of the office and into the mud? To learn more about our Corporate Team packages, fill out this short form and you will be contacted by a TMHQ Rep.

“Ditch the meeting room and take on Tough Mudder”

Fidelity Worldwide Investment, initiated at Tough Mudder London West